We offer two preschool sessions at Guardian Angel Montessori. The morning session from 9.00am-12.00pm and the afternoon session from 12.30pm-3.30pm. As children can avail of ECCE free preschool year for 2 years we recommend children start in the afternoon session, if possible, as it is a good gate way to learning social skills, play development and getting to understand the routine and expectations of a preschool class.  Children from the age of 2 years and 8 months in the starting September can avail of the ECCE class. We unfortunately do not take children who are not on this scheme so children who are younger than the 2 years 8 months when class returns in September will need to wait until the following year to start at Guardian Angels. Have a chat with our teachers and see which session will suit your child the best as the smaller class is sometimes a better transition as we can offer more one to one with the younger child.

Morning Classes

The morning class is a larger class with maximum 19 children and 2/3 adults. In preparation for school we focus on building independence (putting on their coats, shoes etc), building self esteem, well being and confidence and following the child’s lead.

At Guardian Angel Montessori our educational ethos is based on the emergent curriculum, a modern educational philosophy that focuses on creating meaningful learning experiences, through being responsive to the children’s needs and interests which is also linked back to Aistear. It is a flexible, style of education that is child-led and driven by observation and reflections of the teachers. The model is centred on collaboration and active participation and so emphasises the importance of play based learning in preschool experiences.

Play is a natural instinct for children and an activity that provides endless opportunities for learning. It is an enjoyable, fun way for children to acquire many of the pre-academic skills that they require for school, such as social skills and muscular strength (necessary for writing). It also provides an indirect concrete introduction to many academic concepts.