Celebrating 20 years in Early Years 2002-2022

Celebrating 20 years, we sponsored Ballina Salmon Festival highlights with @imayotvshow this summer to give something back to the community. Learn a little bit about what we do to make sure your child gets a unique educational experience with a multi talented team of professional teachers.

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Events celebrated throughout the year are displayed on the parents calendar given at the start of the school year. We celebrate Halloween and Autumn for the month of October with a spooky Halloween dress up party on the last day of term, Christmas is celebrated in December with usually a Christmas concert on the last day of term (pre covid times, we may need to get our thinking hats on going forward!), Graduation day in June where we celebrate all the children’s achievements and learning. Throughout the year we may also participate in fund raising for charities such as Crumlin Hospital, Barnardos etc but this changes year to year. All events are sent as a reminder on the parent’s WhatsApp broadcast group with plenty of notice.